Kehlani Removes Breast Implants, Reveals The Real Reason Why They Got Them

Photo: Getty Image

Kehlani is feeling better than ever after having her breast implants removed. In a recent interview with Byrdie, the singer got candid about their decision to reverse their cosmetic surgery, and the health problems they encountered while having surgically enhanced breast, sharing:

“I remember this video of me performing went viral. People were like, 'She's horribly built'. So I went and got breast implants. I got breast implants about four years ago because I was very much struggling with what beauty meant to me."

As for why they initially opted to go under the knife, the "I Like Dat" singer revealed:

"I let the world bully me into feeling like I needed this. It’s been such a journey to figure out how I feel about the way that I look. I actually feel way more beautiful than I ever felt because I feel healthy.”

In the same interview, the star officially confirmed that their pronouns are she/they, and that she's more pleased when people use 'they', telling the mag:

"I don't mind when people say 'she' at all, but something feels really affirming when people say 'they.' It feels like... you really see me."

Kehlani went on to open up about her sexuality in the interview, reflecting on their April 2021 Instagram Live when they announced to their 13.5 million followers that they identified as lesbian:

"I wish it was more of a journey discovering how I love and what I need versus putting the emphasis on having to 'come out' with my sexual identity."

As for her upcoming album, the Grammy nominated singer says it's slated to drop this Winter and will touch on various topics including her sexuality.

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