CVARR Launches '96.8' Campaign to Prevent Teen Substance Abuse

Lynchburg City Schools and Central Virginia Addiction and Recovery Resources Coalition say that 96.8% of 10th graders surveyed in 2020 had not used substances in the past 30 days.

Kali Miller, the coalition coordinator for the Central Virginia Addiction and Recovery Resources (CVARR) Coalition, says, “We celebrate knowing that our youth are choosing to remain substance free during their high school years.”

CVARR is encouraging parents and students to visit their website,, to sign a pledge to remain substance free, get more information on substances and the dangers it causes their bodies, as well as encouraging parents to get involved and talk with their youth.

Every two years, Lynchburg City Schools conducts a Youth Risk Behavior Survey which asks students to provide answers to questions related to mental health, relationships, substance use, violence, and physical health.

The results of the 2020 survey indicated that youth in the City of Lynchburg are generally using substances at a lower rate than their peers across the state and nation.

For more information, visit

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