Mom Has Ingenious Yet Mean Hack To Get Her Kid To Take More Baths

Any parent knows that kids sometimes take a little bit of coaxing to do the things they really don't want to do like eating vegetables, going to the doctor, going to sleep or taking a bath. Well one mom shared a hack she came up with to get her bath-averse son into the tub more often. She Photoshopped a picture of her boy so it looked like he he had roaches climbing on him. When she showed him the photo, she immediately saw results.

The Facebook group Mommie Mania posted the hack. The caption reads, "He didn't want to take a bath, so I took a picture while he was sleeping and edited it with cockroaches. Now he takes a bath 10 times a day."

Other parents loved the idea. One thankful mother wrote, "My son HATES showers and screams every single time. After I saw this I showed it to him... he suddenly said he wants to shower everyday. Went straight in and showered him and he didn’t make a peep! First time in his life hahaha! Forever thankful!” Another said, "Omg I LOVE IT. But I’ll do it for his teeth bcuz he doesn’t like to brush them and he sleeps with his mouth open! Thanks for the idea! (sic)"

No word on how traumatizing the Photoshopped pic was for the boy.

Photo: Getty Images