Bedford County couple charged with animal neglect

A Bedford County couple has been charged with neglecting animals after being evicted from their home in Huddleston.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office said deputies executed an eviction at the home of Donovan and Brooke Blair on Preston Mill Road on February 13, 2019.

When deputies went into the home, they found seven dogs. They said the floor was covered in feces, trash, and miscellaneous items. Deputies found a dead dog in the back bedroom, which had apparently been there for months, if not longer, and that floor was also covered in feces and trash.

They said when Donovan was interviewed about the deceased dog, he said it was an old female, about 15-years-old, and died when he was out of town. He said he didn't have the heart to bury the dog, so he just left it in the room.

He said three of the seven dogs were his brother's and he was helping take care of them.

When asked about the vaccinations, the couple told deputies some of the dogs were current on their shots, but non had current dog tags, nor could they name a place where they had the animals vaccinated.

All of the dogs were taken to Bedford Animal Hospital for a preliminary check before being transferred to the Bedford County Animal Shelter.

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