California Swimmers Warned About Feet-Eating 'Mini-Shark' Bugs

Pacific Ocean at Big Sur

Photo: Getty Images

Swimmers dipping their toes in the Pacific Ocean along the California coast need to watch out!

Beach goers have been getting attacked by swarms of tiny, aggressive sea bugs who have an appetite for human feet.

The bugs, nicknamed "mini-sharks," are about one-third of an inch long and form swarms numbering in the thousands.

"Mini-sharks" are crustaceans that live in shallow waters of the Pacific Ocean and seasonally migrate up and down the coast.

Once they find human feet, they will bite and draw blood.

People suffering the wrath of the "mini-shark" say the bites were painful and surprising, with the pain lasting about 15-20 minutes.

Shuffling your feet in the water may help to keep the bugs away, but it's not guaranteed.

So, maybe just keep your feet out of the water and your butt firmly planted in your beach chair.

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