Penguin at San Diego Zoo Tries Out His New Orthopedic Shoe

Gentoo Penguin waddling along on a white sand beach.

Photo: Getty Images

Lucas, a penguin at the San Diego Zoo, is waddling a lot better thanks to his new orthopedic shoe.

4-year-old Lucas had been dealing with an infection called bumblefoot, which causes swelling and lesions.

As a result, the other penguins didn't want to socialize with Lucas and wouldn't let him play in any of their penguin games.

A company called Thera-Paw came to the rescue and made a mold of Lucas' foot to create an orthopedic boot that has made his waddling much easier.

Zookeepers report that not only are all the other penguins now socializing with him, Lucas now has a girlfriend! 🐧🥰

Watch Lucas zip around in his new shoe in the video from CBS 8 San Diego below!

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