Nebraska Man Sets World Record for Floating Down a River in a Pumpkin

Photo: Getty Images

A Nebraska man has set the world record for floating down a river in an 846-pound pumpkin that he grew.

Duane Hansen, 60, of Syracuse, NE set out Saturday morning (8/27) to float down the Missouri River in a hollowed out pumpkin in an attempt to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The previous record for floating down a river in a giant pumpkin was 25.5 miles and Hansen, who grows large pumpkins, gourds and other vegetables as a hobby, was determined to break that record.

He started out Saturday morning about 7:30 am at Bellevue, NE on his way to Nebraska City, NE, 38 miles downriver.

Hansen was expected to make the 38-mile journey in about six hours, with a boat filled with family and friends floating along next to him to document the journey.

Several workers at Bellevue City Hall were on hand to "officiate" the world record attempt.

By 2:52 pm, Hansen had broken the previous record and continued on for another three hours, eventually docking in Nebraska City, setting a new world record of floating down a river in a giant pumpkin for 38 miles in about 11 hours.

No word yet on whether the Guinness Book of World Records will recognize Hansen's phenomenal achievement.

Find out more about the world record pumpkin float here.

Photo: Getty Images

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