Beer Mile Runner Disqualified For Not Drinking Enough

  • Canadian runner Corey Bellemore was set to break the world record for the fastest finish of the Beer Mile Classic
  • He was disqualified for not drinking enough beer, by half an ounce
  • British runner Dale Clutterbuck took his spot in first place

Canadian Corey Bellemore is really having one of those “so close but not” type of moments. He was all set to break a world record when he was suddenly disqualified for missing one - just a half an ounce - of detail.

In a video posted to TwitterBellemore can be seen speeding ahead during the Beer Mile World Classic, a race where contestants have to drink 12-ounce beers every quarter mile before they finish. He crossed the finish line with what seemed like a record-breaking winning time of 4-minutes, 33-seconds. But, he was sadly disqualified… for not drinking enough beer.

According to the Beer Mile’s website, he lost by half an ounce of beer, and it looks like he learned his lesson about being too hasty with the chugging. “Never rush through life,” Bellemore jokes in a tweet following the loss. British runner Dale Clutterbuck took his spot in first place with a time of 4-minutes, 47-seconds.



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